Peter works with startups and new venture owners as an advisor, educator and facilitator. Having worked primarily in the technology and communications industries (mainly in the online space), his speciality is delivering discipline and order to the chaos of creative ideas and perceived opportunities via smart management frameworks to deliver positive commercial outcomes.

Other industries Peter has worked in include financial services, electronic security, FMCG and the military. Peter is the founder of a number of start-up ventures, including,, X2O and more recently Zorba The Buddha Coffee Company.

Peter is a public speaker on the realities of Entrepreneurship and new venture management and also contributes his time as an adjunct lecturer in Entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation at a tertiary level. Peter holds a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI), along with a Bachelor of Economics & Marketing. Peter has worked both Nationally and Internationally as an advisor and educator and was a keynote speaker at a range of eminent events including the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation conference. 

Originating from England, Elliot is an enthusiastic marketing professional with wide ranging experience in marketing & communications, IT, ebusiness, branding and sales. After earning his degree at Plymouth University, Elliot took his first role with the Peverel Group – the largest property services company in the UK, eventually heading up two brands within the Group as well as part of the team delivering the overall Group marketing strategy. As a dual passport holder, Elliot took the leap across to Australia in order to realise a long held desire to work abroad. It is here his journey started by joining Taghleef Industries (TI), one of the largest manufacturers of BOPP packaging film in the world. Elliot was brought in to introduce a marketing function to the sales team and to represent the Asia-Pacific marketing section for the Global Group.

Eventually Elliot moved on to combine his marketing role with an active sales role looking after key customer accounts and being responsible for meeting sales and volume based targets across the Australia region. Elliot has now taken his experience and moved into running his own business, operating a mobile application service for loyalty programs, being part of the Melbourne Coffee Review team and as a associate to Christo Partners.