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Welcome to Krypto Connect, a bi-monthly newsletter for financial industry professionals interested in Cryptocurrency as a new asset class for their investment portfolio.

Christo Partners has been advising and supporting financial services firms for over 15 years.  We have bridged the gap between the business of financial services and technology. Dealing with a business that is highly regulated by government regulators, are risk-conscious, and who see technology begrudgingly as a necessary cost rather than an enabler requires a level of diplomacy and patience that is not present in other industries. In more recent years, cyberthreat has added a new dimension to ICT within financial services.

Bitcoin entered our sphere of consciousness in 2013 having read Satoshi Nakamotos White Paper simply because we are interested in leading-edge ideas and developments, it is business as usual for us to tinker and experiment with tech. The next few years were spent understanding the technology and consequently money, finance, banking and global economics and the world of professional investment, a whole new industry and subject matter. In that time, generally, when mainstream media mentioned Bitcoin and the price, some clients inquired about what this Bitcoin thing was and how it worked. Of course, our view and understanding around its merits evolved but in most cases we were met with a high degree of scepticism, and in part, we suggest that was because the information was coming from ’the tech guys’ not the industry, we were put in the “what would they know” category…which is fair enough.

So, with a simple agenda of providing a portal to our clients and other industry relationships we value, here is what we are seeing, and in effect what ‘we know’. These are the quants, the macro guys, the analysts and the tweets that we think not only affect our clients, and their clients, but our own portfolio of investments and future earnings.

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