ICT Support and Virtual CIO’s and Digital Business Consulting

Our clients are the people who don’t want to take a back seat to everything new and interesting in their digital business ventures.
At Christo Partners, we put them in the front seat.

Digital Consulting

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Fintech advice and consultation services.

Virtual CIO

Strategic and Operational ICT services.

Krypto Connect

Krypto Connect is a fortnightly commentary on the evolving world of Cryptocurrency assets and the world of finance and banking.

The Changing Digital World

As the world continues to become borderless, digital business becomes the norm and cryptocurrencies begin to change the world of banking and finance.

Christo Partners’ unique advice and business development services deliver the competitive insights, core capabilities and competitive advantage that companies need to win in a digital world.

“Skills and knowledge only take you so far. In fact, anything that people don’t know in the modern world, they can now quickly find out. What sets Christo Partners apart is that we take the time to build strong relationships with our clients by operating alongside them as they deal with the ups and downs of business and industry. Our focus is managing risks related to technology; minimising costs; and where possible, offer insights into where a business can build equity and maximise revenue via technology assets.”

Peter Christo, Founder, Christo Partners