Christo Partners is a management consultancy & advisory business specialising in the digital commerce, blockchain and the financial technology (fintech) industry. To be honest, we’ve struggled to articulate definitively what we do as Christo Partners all the while knowing full well we deliver something very special for our clients.

Nothing beats experience, but experience in what? It’s such a broad statement implying a knowledge and wisdom of (in our case) technology, business, the world of finance, digital currencies, technology systems, peer to peer, security,.. all true but a bit esoteric when it comes to a commercial value proposition.
In the end it boiled down to this;

“Our clients are those women and men who don’t want to take a back seat to everything new and everything interesting in their new business ventures. At Christo Partners we put them in the front seat.”

Christo Partners

Christo Partners operates globally with clients and business interests in the locations below

  • Melbourne, Australia (HQ)
  • Hong Kong
  • China (Shenzen/Shanghi)
  • Athens Greece
  • London, United Kingdom