Welcome to Krypto Connect

Krypto Connect is a fortnightly commentary on the evolving world of Cryptocurrency assets and the world of finance and banking.

Our underlying assertion is that we are at the early adoption phase on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies curve, but that their impact on money, assets and financial services is rapidly gaining pace.

Our goal is to:
1. Provide some education that is not “geek-speak”, and 
2. Keep readers abreast of what’s interesting – where the finance and banking industry collides with the Cryptocurrency industry.

When we started Krypto Connect, Mark and I were pretty clear on our intention. Our raison d’être if you like. We wanted to share our findings on the emerging digital asset space and focus, at least initially, on bitcoin as the king of the cryptocurrencies. This rabbit hole we were burrowing through delivered us to the world of investment, banking and the way the global monetary system worked. It highlighted how exposed we were in terms of our financial security and how our governments were making questionable decisions. Now, seven issues in, we took a pause and considered what we had learned and what exactly we were trying to say to our readers.

Here’s what we concluded:

A. We know the world of Cryptocurrency very well, but you can’t do much with that unless you follow that up with understanding money (how it is created and how it works), financial services and of course banking and central banking.

B. We are making a case for Bitcoin, and the future of open, distributed, immutable, borderless, censorship-resistant, financial systems as a currency that runs on decentralised systems, and that delivers privacy and sovereignty to individuals anywhere. There are others, but for now, bitcoin is king.

C. We realised that communications from the general media and government announcements here in Australia regarding the economy, the investment market et al., are out of step with what we see in our research. The Australian economy and how well the European and US and indeed, the Chinese economy is fairing which all affect the health of Australia’s economy.

D. Politicians, no matter how well-meaning, are, in many cases, ill-informed as to the complexities of the global financial system and are nevertheless making decisions that will affect our ability to feed our families, educate our kids and look after ourselves in our old age.

The above means that our interest and knowledge in holding and using Cryptocurrency is a weapon against bad public fiscal and monetary policy. Holding Crypto is a type of insurance a kin to keeping cash in a secret location, or better yet, gold and jewels.

We freely admit we are drinking ‘from the firehose’ when it comes to the world of finance, investment and wealth management. It’s not our profession; however, it is important to us as honest citizens who work, serve our country and have a vested interest in a healthy future for our family and ourselves both locally and globally. We are learning fast, and have as investors ourselves come to a point where we can contribute to the conversation and legitimately challenge the status quo.

Our deep-dive now is not in the tech of Cryptocurrency and its ebbs and flows. The jury is ‘in’ as far on the merits and legitimacy of bitcoin, and the merits of blockchain. The developers will continue to build the infrastructure that the world will need, and for that, we are thankful (hat tip).

We are now pushing through the simplistic and out of touch media commentary about the Australian and world economy. We don’t buy the ‘she’ll be right mate’ narrative. We saw the GFC in 2008 first hand, and any suggestion that we are in a better place now is simply wrong.

We are doing our own research and listening to as broad a perspective as possible on what these changes are clear speak, what they mean to us as sovereign citizens of both the planet and our home countries.
We borrow a quote from an amazing book ‘The Fourth Turning’;

“Our goal is to be active participants in a destiny that is both possible and plausible.”

Forewarned is forearmed! That’s what we offer to our readers.

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