TDF Global is a majority-owned subsidiary of Christo Partners, offering Digital Asset Custody Services.

Digital Asset Custody


Holding digital assets safely requires what is described as a digital wallet which is essentially not connected to the internet most or all of the time. There are many ways to achieve this however for our clients we use a combination of technology and hardware to achieve this.   


That wallet generates ‘public keys’ or addresses which can be used to receive and hold digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These addresses are a string of numbers and letters. The hardware wallet connects to a computer via a USB cable and operates software to execute transactions (receive or send).  The owner can see balances and value against fiat currency.


Christo Partners take clients through a step by step process to set up this wallet in readiness to buy a digital asset like bitcoin.  We also explain the various recovery processes and systems that allow holders to recover their wallet should the hardware device be lost or stolen.

TDF Custody Services is an end to end service allowing our private and business customers to easily and safely buy, hold and sell digital assets like bitcoin.  Unlike shares held through share certificates and a legal framework, digital assets are more like holding gold or cash in your safe or in a bank vault security box.

We do three things;

1. Facilitate the setting up of a cold storage wallet so our customers can receive and hold their own digital assets.
2. Broker for a number of cryptocurrency liquidity providers to allow our customers to safely and privately buy specific digital assets like bitcoin.
3. Provide a custody service to hold the wallets safe in our secure facilities for private and corporate customers.

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