Through our unique business model, we deliver peace of mind to Australian companies in the Financial Services industry when it comes to technology and the digital world. Our clients operate in the highly regulated financial services industry – offering services that assist their clients to build and protect wealth and enjoy an annuity when they need it. We make sure the underpinning technologies that allow that to happen are working, as expected. This is critical in an ever-changing digital world and where information is power, privacy and security are critical and employees are natives to the digital world. The community and their embrace of all things digital have transformed the rate of change of all industries.

This massive change has left no area of commerce (or government services) untouched. Social media, cloud computing, the ‘always on’ culture, ubiquitous access to information, mobile and more. Expectations have changed and the millennial generation expects a digital service for everything or it effectively doesn’t exist. If you are not feeling the effects of digital disruption, you will be soon and so in this transitory time it is paramount to have a digital guide to assist in the journey. Christo Partners’ Virtual CIO program is that trusted guide. One day all our leaders and managers will be from the first digitally native generation but until then you need a digital guide a dedicated CIO for your business if you can afford it and you must afford it or risk being swamped by the tsunami of change.

It makes sense to engage a Christo Partners Virtual CIO to provide Strategic guidance and assistance to make sense of the big trends and what it means to your business.

Strategic ICT Services

  • ICT/Digital Business Strategy and Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning (Crypto, Hack, Virus, Malware)
  • Staff advice and communications to update on IT developments, projects and other important IT matters
  • Business leadership updates and advice to assist in decision making
  • Management of business acquisition integration planning and delivery management
  • Technology management of divestment or divestiture of technology related to assets and objectives and/or sale of an existing business by the firm
  • IT project management and delivery
  • On Premise to Cloud services
  • Security BYOD policies
  • Analogue to digital conversion of business process

Operational ICT

  • Bring your own device management (BYOD)
  • Desktop support (includes file storage management)
  • Vendor identification, engagement and management
  • Internet & Network access
  • Printing, Scanning and Archiving
  • Email/spam protection
  • Server & Database Hosting
  • Telephone, Video Conferencing and VoIP
  • Web Hosting and Management
  • Domain Management
  • Working from anywhere
  • Technology & Internet use policies (education and advice)
  • Private Cloud Services (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure)
  • API integrations with third party platform and services
  • Network monitoring and reporting